The Caglificio GUARESCHI site in Fontanelle of Roccabianca in the province of Parma, has its origins back in 1820 when the ancestors of the present owner founded the company in the production and marketing of rennet used in dairies in since then the company has evolved, becoming a reliable partner for the dairy industry Italian.

Relying heavily on human contact that has developed over many years of work, which sees the confidence and esteem in Caglificio Guareschi, the foundation to appreciate a product of quality and typicality unique, that has managed to stand out over the years.

The productions of the Company GUARESCHI include:

- Caglio powder natural grain leather

- Liquid caglio

- Caglio lamb of pasta - kid - veal

The laboratory GUARESCHI is certified and recognized with CE: European label that guarantees the total quality of its products. To confirm this, the Company uses the GUARESCHI HACCP hygiene practice self-control and product processing, to provide the consumer with the highest standards of hygiene.
Each stage of production is controlled and the raw materials used must meet strict quality standards and hygienic imposed by the Company GUARESCHI "FROM THE 1820 CAGLIO PARMA, THE CAGLIO REALLY GENUINE"


The rennet GUARESCHI LIQUID is a highly reliable product that is a viable alterative to traditional rennet paste or powder. Has the same composition of the enzyme rennet powder with values of chymosin and pepsin, respectively, of 95 and 5% and the same ease of use.
The securities to be 1 / 8,000 to 1 / 20,000 are synonymous with high quality and reliability. Obtained with traditional processing, using only pellette superior, its characteristics are guaranteed over time.


It is a natural enzyme extract paste, made from abomasum, lamb or veal infants, frozen, selected and controlled origin, with 1'aggiunta of sodium chloride (salt) as a preservative.
The enzyme content plays coagulant activity, proteolytic activity and lipolytic activity.
The composition, from the chemical point of view is given by Chymosin and Pepsin (analyzes are performed according to the method FIL IDF l57B: 1997).

Pillar of the production of the company is GUARESCHI rennet powder pure calf named "GRIT".
Soluble in water, has a light color in microgranules crystalline confirming the high reliability of CAGLIO GRAIN.
Is obtained from calf stomachs frozen first choice, selected and processed according to the stringent standards of the company GUARESCHI. Does not contain genetically modified ingredients. The rennet powder Grana is the most successful product of the company GUARESCHI.


CASARO's poetry


With tinkling cans or a cistern paciosa passes the casaro the morning of good time.
The truck goes fast, the times narrow son, seems that there am always someone that impatient you wait for him.
In fact to the dairy milk has attended for being versed, heated, analyzed and with the I curdle curdled.
After a few hours, from the smoking boiler a great form is raised, white, firm, beautiful and to the alike moon.
The casaro if it looks at her/it satisfied, it divides her/it, it tightens her/it in the band, the time, it turns her/it and it mumbles with smile: the more one is done.
This way every day of the year with the cheese always in it makes a will her hands before this life it lasts without never one day of party.
This frantic world holds him/it aside, but is known, his is not I work, is art!

Riccardo Guareschi